he is also a cutie patootie here.  

this man knew how to work it right till the very end.

another paddy which is a kind of necessary paddy.  someday, they will release this on some form of streaming what have you.

i mean, they release garbage like ‘hello, larry’.  can we please get some sid?

hee.  nose candy.

so anyhow.

after watching hysteria, which is really great good fun and sort of intensely psychotic in the best of ways, it dawned on me that i have a definite preference for an older paddy, shall we say.  his hair is so terrific, he’s so damned cute, he aged so beautifully.

so you get scanners.  

i’d take caps from hysteria but it would be off the telly and those always look like shit, and part of me is still wondering why they didn’t just slap it on a dvd.  though he is adorable in that too.  the paddy as mad scientist is always a fun paddy, i think.

the blu-ray

of hysteria is so bad, don’t waste your money.  it’s straight from the VHS copy i already owned, they didn’t even bother with upconverting, and there’s a very heavy layer of filth covering the entire transfer, complete with cigarette burns and all.  srsly?  cigarette burns for reel change on a blu-ray?  wow.  really sad.

'religions never work and therapy is a joke.'

'they say the man who speaks the truth shall be driven out of a thousand villages, so we have formed our own, little village.'

dr. langston, you are still the cutest mad scientist in town.  what a sweetiepie.

on a blu-ray, this level of softness is totally unacceptable, sorry. i don’t even know what they were thinking.

the paddy is not amused by the shrieking fandom on the other end of the line.


so are people actually going to go and check out catch my soul?  is this becoming a mini paddycon?

campcounselorfryingpan asked: Holy crap, the last time I tried to look into seeing Catch My Soul all I could find was its name on a list of Lost Films!! Wish I could go to that screening.

me too.  it’s crazy.  i thought it was lost as well and was talking about it with tim lucas when one of his friends popped up and said hey, no, it’s actually showing in NC as part of a festival.  

one good thing is perhaps they’ll do a proper transfer?  as the only film the paddy directed i want it regardless if he pretty much washed his hands of it!

Santa Fe Satan (aka Catch My Soul) | 2014 RiverRun International Film Festival ›


hurry up and get tickets!

why does this not look like the paddy to me?  i mean, i know it’s the paddy, but it’s like the paddy’s twin or some scheisse, am i right?  the image is flipped but it looks really different.

late night tv


mary morris is the best no. 2 ever.  she is vicious mentally in the way rachel herbert’s is physically.  she’s brutally cruel.

i guess i place this episode very early on in the series, though i’m not a fan who has a hard and fast interpretation of same.  i have to.  six is being snarky but he’s also visibly uneasy and you can read/hear a lot of his dialogue as feeling out what the rules in this place are.  mary morris tells him the procedure for his ‘trial’.  watch the scene with dutton in the cave, where they talk about london, he’s scared but he’s also happy and not suspicious at seeing dutton.  his ‘never trust a woman, even the four legged variety’ sounds too rueful for it to be late in the game. you can also read him as being more flirtatious with his maid and observer (even though he was still like no, no dancing for me, okay?).  he seems a bit green here and for some reason the most like john drake, though i’m not a fan who thinks drake is six, either.

i think i like it so much because dance of the dead is a very quiet episode too. there’s a lot of downtime where six is alone and seems pensive, when he walks down the corridor into the carnival he is actively uneasy. when he creeps up those stairs, when he’s exploring what is basically the village morgue, it’s scary! lights flicker, and he’s dreading opening those long metal boxes.  all while mary morris continues to intone the most negating things about existence ‘you are mad’ ‘you have died’, six’s death being a ‘confirmation of a known fact’ with the night becoming more and more surreal until you get to the moment where six stares into the eyes of his jester-outfitted, now-lobotomized friend or acquaintance, and everyone in costume begins to scream and runs after him in order to kill him. followed by a teletype machine from hell that continues to operate even with its guts ripped out.

that’s some creepy business, and it’s my horror film-loving brain that makes me adore this episode so much. 

'why are they trying to kill me?'

'they don't know you're already dead.  locked up in the long box in that little room.'  she is pure evil.  

this brought to you by my being fairly bored, awake, and watching prisoner episodes.

snoopy johnny d.

snooping.  all part of the job.



Let me start by saying that I’ve had some difficulty coming up with a theme for this post - my spin on the issue, if you will. Of course, first of all I hasten to add that “it’s not what you think.” But why is that? I am clearly uncomfortable with what I am seeing, and the possible implications of it, but at the same time I cannot help…looking. That is a recurring theme with me, and with the Prisoner in general. It challenges me in ways that rarely any other programme, certainly from the 1960s, has ever done - and it challenges me to think about my own predilections as much as I feel challenged to speculate about the original creators’ reasons for doing what they did and the way they did it.

While I am giddy with excitement about the hi-res quality of the Bluray edition and the sheer amout of detail in the picture, I am also keenly aware of the - multiple - violations of the P’s privacy, bodily integrity, and of his basic human dignity that are being committed here. And for once (?) I can/must identify with both the victim and the perpetrators: there is a deep-seated anxiety, presumably in all of us, about being violated in your own bed, and yet I can’t help feeling this tremendous voyeuristic pleasure watching the P … writhe under the brutal onslaught of the mental “readjustment” that Leo McKern’s Number Two has ordered.

All this is happening in super-detailed, hi-res close-up - and not just in the privacy of my own bedroom, but it is being shown simultaneously “on the big screen” of the Village Control Room. For me that is the most shocking/exciting aspect of the entire series: he really is being watched all the time - and my useless, hyperactive imagination goes into overdrive at the mere thought of unlimited, 24-hour access to the object of my desire. So where does that leave me, and said “object”?

For one thing, it seems that fantasy and real-life concerns are never allowed to become entirely separated on the Prisoner - hence the guilty pleasure of my viewing experience. But my guilt, I think, also has another component, and that is the knowledge that in order for this paranoid fantasy to become a “reality,” and thus in turn for my imagination to become active, PMG had to do precisely what his alter ego would never dream of doing - if he had a choice in the matter: submit to the most extreme form of scrutiny that the medium of television has to offer. The close-up forces us to look. It is desiged to make us uncomfortable, to invade our space, just as the P’s is being invaded. It truly is a tour de force performance in every sense of the word - and I cannot help looking.

i had to reblog this because

it’s kind of obscene

i mean


you click through those images quickly and i mean

i know what’s happening in the episode but outside that context?

um, yeah. that other thing.  

i love you muldini but just this once?  i bought it to look at the pictures.

okay so like i just had this great idea

can someone out there like

make a gif of the first six images or just like

take that chunk of the show and like 

make it be a mini movie 


some people need that kind of stuff for


study.  or something.  

RIP Patrick McGoohan ›

this is super.  so i’m linking it for you.

okay like

what if

the paddy was a secret hedonist

and we only get to see it in close-ups

he did listen to the grateful dead, you know.  HE ADMITTED TO IT.  now let’s extrapolate.  how can you listen to the grateful dead without smoking pot and you know, stuff? <—joke  

i’m not saying like gross levels of sting tantric weirdness but come on.  if you do his astrology chart (god this is so stupid i am so stupid but those pictures really did break my brain) supposedly he ‘approached sex with religious fervor’ and i’m stopping right now because !  

sex approached with religious fervor  i can’t brain hush be quiet shhh.  

i need a drink. possibly many drinks.